Scarlett Scott

British Burlesque Beauty

I am essentially a hot, kinky, dirty, flirty young woman who enjoys the fringe kinks.
But deep down I am just a comfy, cozy, cute GFE.

I am 27 years old.

An ex-professional runway model! If you ask me in person I can show you pictures.

Professional stripper! I have worked at both Stringfellows in Covent Garden in London, and also at Sapphire 39 in New York! If anyone would like a sexy striptease or a lapdance during our time together, I would be more than happy to oblige! I enjoy twerking, and grinding on your lap while you are seated. It makes for fun foreplay before our intimate time together.

I am a deep thinker, and enjoy intellectual conversation. I am genuinely bi-sexual in my private as well as professional life. I’ve been a high end escort in both London, and America for the past 6 years, and have regular and celebrity clientele.

I’m 5’8″, have a pretty face, a slim toned body, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and have been told I have movie star looks. I have a big, firm, natural round, peachy bum!! Thank goodness bubble butts came into fashion 10 years ago (thanks Kim Kardashian!), otherwise I would be trying to hide it!

I have really, REALLY soft skin. It feels like velvety, baby skin. I have a gentle voice, a smiley witty demeanor, and kind heart. Treat me like a lady and I will treat you like a King!.

I have a posh English accent! Big ample DD pert boobs! – (yes, they are soft, squishy and nice to touch gents! They feel very natural! And I am told they are very easy on the eye).

Intelligent and inquisitive to a fault, well educated, empathetic and kind, even though I can be feisty sometimes. I enjoy playful, kind men, who like a challenge!

Curious by nature, submissive by heart. My incall is always four star luxury accommodation. I stay in the most gorgeous four star hotels and will always have a fabulous, glamorous, clean and luxury space for us to enjoy and relax in! There will be a nice bath/shower and cleans towels available for us to use before and/or after our time together.

Scarlett   💋💋💋

Services I Love to Give

SEXY STRIPTEASE! – As a trained dancer and professional I’d love to show you my lapdancing skills and give you an extended private dance! Feel free to touch and tease me as I dance for you and if you have any requests let me know!

DEEP MESSY BLOW JOBS! – this turns me on, especially if I can touch myself during, and orgasm WITH you. Or if I can feel the vein under your penis throbbing, while it’s between my lips. I am a bit of an expert at blow jobs, so I really enjoy giving them. Suction on point!

HOT DIRTY, FILTHY TALK! – My acting days, and posh accent will have your heart racing. I have a gift for words and vocabulary, so I can whisper dirty sweet nothings into your ear and push you over the edge. It turns me on to do so! Please request this form me if you’d like that.

TRUE GFE EXPERIENCE – It’s so nice to connect, chat and share soul to soul, sometimes, not just sexual interaction. So with the right men, I really enjoy sharing deeper elements of the soul, creativity, the arts, and sharing philosophies around Science, nature, space (call me a geek freak) the cosmos, and perhaps a greater meaning to what we are all doing here on this planet. Deep topics are a turn on for me. If you have the same interests, please feel free to spark up an intellectual conversation! When the moment is appropriate!

**BDSM – I have a luxury toy and rope kit that we can enjoy! Complete with anal beads, nipple clamps, hand and ankle cuffs, a vibrator/dildo, thigh restraint, blindfold, breathable ball gag and a soft flogger. I enjoy being both submissive AND dominant depending upon your fantasies! Please let me know if you’d like to try! (minimum 2hr booking)

ROLE PLAY!!! This is my favourite thing to do. I simply adore role play, so give me a narrative and I dive deep into it. I have a sexy school girl outfit, secretary outfits, and a plethora of baby girl lingerie. Please tell me what you desire and let’s fall into a fantasy role scenario. For me those moments are so fun to escape to, and I enjoy making them appear very real! Got a school girl or college grad fantasy? Let’s role play! (minimum 2hr booking)

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